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Animation for adults: Realm Of The Damned – Tenebris Deos

By: Ramon

In the past seventeen years a lot of promo stuff has been send to Lords Of Metal. Thousands of albums and DVDs obviously, but besides the regular stuff we've also received books, booze, instruments, amps, pedals and even once a refrigerator. But it is still possible to surprise us, like recently happened when we found the DVD 'Realm Of The Damned – Tenebris Deos' in the mailbox. An Animated Motion Comic. Okay, this is new...

band imageThe film ‘Realm Of The Damned – Tenebris Deos’ itself would not be a reason to e reviewed on a music website like Lords of Metal, but in this case big roles are reserved for David Vincent of Morbid Angel (nowadays (I Am Morbid), Jill Janus of Huntress (and DO take a look at her picture on Metal-archives) and even two roles for Dani Filth who we of course all know from Cradle Of Filth and of Devilment. The over the top voices Filth has the ability to reproduce are a tight fit to characterize the monsters. Jill Janus in turn does a very solid performance and she keeps standing too, but she does have acting experience. Super cool tone of David Vincent would in theory make him ideal to do narratives, but this particular movie does have passages in which I personally thought it could be a little bit more expressive. But that’s just me. But in itself the character of his voice, dark and well-lived, is very suitable for the role of Van Helsing, whatever his first name may bet his time around. All of this is built up around the Norwegian band Sons Of Balaur and takes place in both Europe and America.

The film itself is an Animated Motion Comic, which means as much as that you get to see frames from a comic book, in which there is some slight motion in the characters. But it is not fully animated. Well, just have a look at the enclosed trailer, to get an impression. Humanity is threatened by a much bigger evil than we have known since the dawn of history and the Vatican seeks salvation with the villains. The faith of our existence is in the hands of the murderous Alberic van Helsing, in this case given a voice by David Vincent. Funny, to hear him say pro religious lines. The band Sons of Balaur lure their spiritual father to the earth, where man nor creatures can be safe for his presence. Alongside the greatest monsters we have known, so varieties on famous vampires, werewolves and so on, Van Helsing tries to contain this evil. And underway it is of course a feast of bloodlust, slight erotics and fans of the genre are well served with this flick. All in all it is not music for the millions, but for the maar cultfans it is a must-have.

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