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Metal Gear: Peavey Revalver 4

By: Ramon

Peavey has been firmly grounded in the market of guitar amplifiers since 1965 and throughout the years they saw a range of great artists play their products. Besides amps, they have seriously broadened their catalogue, with also guitars and basses, mixing tables, microphones and like we discuss here, software too. Earlier this year the Revalver 4 was launched, modelling software with which you can simulate an amp setup, with an actual guitar plugged in. We will guide you through the first basics.

Let me start with the setbacks, so we save the best for last. Without being asked you get two shortcuts on your desktop, the program itself and a hyperlink to the Peavey amp store. Furthermore, the program opens half screen and I don’t think that is particularly convenient. And maybe that can be altered, but I didn’t get it done. Its biggest rival is obviously the Line 6 Pod Farm (which hasn't been updated in the last eight years), and Revalver 4 is beaten on a number of points. Altering the modes and picking your set up is not as easy, and I can’t see the heads right away, just the cabinets. But my biggest objection, which I can’t really blame them, is that you can only choose from Peavey.

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But, Revalver 4 with one big swing takes back a pile of points wit hits enormous pallet of sound effects. In order to avoid copyright violation, the names have been slightly altered, but when I talk about a “Lamporghini” or a “Verrari”, I figure you will understand I am not talking about a Kia. This is a brilliant and more than pleasant choice of Peavey, in my eyes. And then in the end, with all pros and cons put on the scale, there is only one thing the Revalver 4 should be judged about. The sound. And they are the absolute winner on that point. The sound is fantastic, realistic, clear and that is worth gold, since you can’t go without a representative sound and a true comparison with reality, as close as possible. So, you do need some skill and effort, but if you get through, you have a truly magnificent modeller in hands with Revalver 4.

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