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Read a good book every now and then: 'From The Riser - A Drummer's Perspective II

By: Pim B.

Besides his activities as singer of the Dutch doom legend Officium Triste and writing for several magazines, Pim Blankenstein is also someone who loves to read a good book about bands and artists. Heavy bands and artists of course, for who in his right mind desires to read crap about pop bands, right? Therefore Pim takes control of this corner of Lords Of Metal and will enlighten us with his thoughts about everything interesting in the world of rock literature on a monthly basis. This month he reports about 'From The Riser - A Drummer's Perspective II van David Phillips.

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The Brit David Phillips returns with a second photobook that deals with drummers in their natural environment. ‘From The Riser’ is the follow-up to ’A Drummer’s Perspective’. With over 130 drummers from all genres imaginable this is a great way to have a look at the ‘office’ of these musicians that can be seen as the motor of the band. Phillips is able to shoot great photos that paint a lively picture. Therefore this book is pretty cool. The fact you can see that every drummer is different mainly comes across looking at the size of their kit. Something I personally find quite fascinating. One of the world’s best drummers, Rush’s Neil Peart, wrote the foreword to this book and he also is on the cover of this great book with his enormous drum-set.

From The Riser – A Drummer’s Perspective II
David Phillips
A&R Marketing Limited
Hardcover - 184 pages
ISBN 978-0-9567334-0-5

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