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Modus Operandi: Rex Brown

By: Remco Post

A bit of a strange edition this month of Modus Operandi. I really wasn't sure if I had to publish this article, but hereby the answer. After several emails with a very friendly Rex Brown his management and later his assistant took over the communication, and from that point on a lot was promised but nothing was realized. A few times I got Rex on the line, but I got nothing more if I did not had an appointment. I simply gave up after a while and the score was that I had the list of gear complete, but that I never got an answer to the general questions. Again a bit of a strange edition, but you can read in this article what the legendary Rex Brown used in Down, Pantera and now in Kill Devil Hill.

Modus Operandi

Bass Guitars:
Warwick CustomBuilt Signature Artist Line: "the"Reverso : 4 string MasterBuilt & Artist Signature Line.
Streamer: 4 & 5 string MasterBuilt series, variety of Signature colors.
Corvette $$: 4 string MasterBuilt series, variety of Insane colors & Shapes.
Starbass II: MasterBuilt 4 & 5 strings, variety of colors.
All of these Basses are made at the the Warwick MasterBuilt facility in Germany. All with Chrome Block inlays & Rex Brown Custom Skull design

Amps & Cabinets:
Warwick AW600 Custom Heads (4)
Warwick Custom 200w Celestion 8X10 (4)
Warwick Custom 200w Celestion 2X10 (4)

Tech21 Sansamp VT-RM
Tech21 Sansamp RBI

Dunlop, MXR, DareDevil Signature Drives, Tech21, Morley Wahs..
RockBass (Warwick), BlackBird, PedalTrain... Pedalboards

Dean Markley Blue Steel .45-1.05's

Dunlop Signature 1.00 Tortex

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