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Metal Gear: D&C Metal Body Guitars (Metallica)

By: Remco Post

As the title of this special suggests the Belgian company D&C builds guitars that are made of metal. Can it get more metal than that? For a fixed amount builder Dennis Louis makes every guitar that you can think of. The shape, the hardware, everything is your free choice. You can also fully customize guitar on looks. Would you like to have a pattern, or do you want metal dices as knobs, perhaps you want a list of symbols? Just name it and it can be arranged. As a result, you are not only talking about guitars, but actually about pure art. Recently Dennis send me two of his projects for review. One Metalcaster and a very cool tribute Metallica Guitar. I will discuss them here, but be sure to check the link of D&C at the bottom of the page.

First the Metalcaster, and obviously this name derived from the Telecaster. The body is metal, and the neck is maple/rosewood. It has medium jumbo frets and comes equipped with 2 PH90 (P90's with humbuckers size). It looks and feels like a telecaster, but it does not sound as one. It is a rock/blues guitar and rocks like mad. He sounds warm and full and really nice. The metal sounds a bit different than wood, but certainly not worse or better, just different. Personally, I can appreciate a Tele and what cool is, is that this includes the 'twang' sound what I like. This is a guitar with which I could hit the stage with.

band image

Now to the D&C X-Fusion Metallica. Body of metal, mahogany's neck, fretboard of dark indian ebony, Grover tuners, and of course the EMG James Hetfield signature set (active). This guitar is just pure guitarporn and nothing more and nothing less than that. Ultimately, it is the intention of Dennis that this guitar goes into James Hetfield’s direction as a gift. The guitar is wrapped a big huge and especially heavy flight case specially tailored for this guitar and on the case state the logos of Metallica and D&C. Also not just the guitar is in the case, but also a Diodak Ghost guitar copy of it. The top is in the shape of the Explorer and the bottom has the shape of the Snakebyte along with also a bit of the Ibanez Destroyer. Furthermore it has the skull logo on the body and various titles and quotes. Also are the names of the present members on the guitar including Cliff out of respect. This guitar sounds very different from the previous, logic because of the setup, but also sounds fat and smooth like butter.
Definition is good, sound is good and strange however that despite the metal instead of wood and the holes this can sound that good. Also check the video below here, where I on special request only play Metallica songs.

band image

Is it art or is it a guitar that you can use on stage? The answer is both! The metal sounds different from wood, but certainly not better or worse. You would also think that the holes will give more feedback and that the guitar sounds like a semi-hollow, but actually, that is not the case. Also, since D&C is custom made, they can also be made with a solid body with for example Bareknuckles and there I would be quite curious about how that would sound... pedal to the metal! With a D&C you have a unique guitar that really is too cool for words and that is worth something. Check out the sites below for more info and pictures. Play metal with metal.

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