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Orange Amplification O Headphones

By: Ramon

The technical department of Orange Amps has been in a positive public view for years now, when it comes to building miraculous features. To my taste I sometimes feel they release too much in too little time, which provide so many choices that it is sometimes harder to make a proper choice. Therefore you should always consult a craftsman in a decent store, who knows what it is about and who can help you filter your opportunities when you are looking for the right amp. Another option is to become friends with our colleague Remco, so you know sure he doesn’t receive a bonus for every sold item. Orange also regularly builds features that are a little bit further away from their core business and that is a ball almost every time. The Bax Bangeetar, the Orange guitar, the cables and even the computer and the swag is always fun. And these O Headphones too leave behind a very strong impression. And the designs once more are phenomenal, in both the product and the packaging. They just never let us down.

The headphones are delivered with three different cables, of which the outside don’t immediately give away what is what. The one has only direct input and is all black. The other one, also all black, has a remote control button on it and that is the one you will be using the most and you want to have, as the third one, with orange plugs and controls, has a semi-mute in it, that you can only get away by keeping a switch pushed in. And listening mono to your favourite music, there is no one wanting that. Not if you are a truly passionate music fan.

And this is what not to do with them if you cherish the purchase:

To business! This is with distance the very best set of headphones I have ever come across for customer purpose. The sound really is so phenomenally good, that even on my poor telephone (I have two) I still get that sensation of listening to it while I am in a studio. More than that, you actually get in the heart of the music. Also when you are doing casual things like walking the street, the music just takes you over completely. And that at the same time is a downside, you should not put them on in traffic. The outside world just completely just completely diminishes and it is only until the last moment you notice a car approaching from the back. It fits very nicely, close to perfection, it hardly squeezes your head and ears, besides the fact it looks awesome. There is not a single set of headphoes avialble that can prevent your ears from sweating after a while and it is still your won responsibility that you don’t have too much noise on your ear drums, but whether I play grindcore, prog, radio, or even sympho on, the music actually get better with these on. I simply can’t put to words the experience. And the designs, they only make matter worse for me. You will not regret this. Oh and the leather is animal friendly, for those who think it is important.

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