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Modus Operandi: Ed Warby

By: Ramon

I think we won’t wind up in a big dsicussion if I say that Ed Warby is among the most influential drummers of the Netherlands. His tight groove is partly responsible for Gorefest breaking free from mediocracy and them grwoing out to be a force to reckon with worldwide. But besides that, he also took the opportunity in other badns to show he is far from a one trick pony. Among others he became the solid first choice of anything endeavoured by Arjen Lucassen and he himself founded some interesting old school death metal bands, among which of course Hail Of Bullets and The 11th Hour, in which all of the sudden he plays guitar alongside his former Gorefest buddy Frank Harthoorn and where we on top of it all also meet up with our own colleague Pim. But what means does he avail to get to his sound? We will find out about that in this interview, with natrually some flaws he made gear wise in this entire musical coming of age.

band imageModus Operandi

Guitars: Schecter (ATX en Hellraiser Diamond Series C1)

Bass Guitars: Schecter Elite 5

Pickups: Seymour Duncan Blackout AHB-1 of EMG

Amps & Cabinets: Peavey 6505, usually Marshall 4x12 or something that is comparable

Effects: Just a Boss delay

Strings: Ernie Ball 2621 regular slinky 7 string (011-056) or D’Addario EXL110-7 regular light 7 string(010-059)

Picks: Dunlop .88 mm

Toms/Drums: Sonor (S Class Pro in the studio, Select Force live)

Pedals: Pearl P-2002C Eliminator twin pedal

Cymbals: Amedia Vigor Rock and Thrace Raw Rock series

Hardware: Sonor 400 and 600 series

Drum heads: Remo (Clear Emperor on the toms, Coated Emperor X on the snare, Powerstroke III on the kick)

Throne/Stool: Sonor

Drumsticks: Balbex 7B

In general

band imageHow long have you been playing guitar/bass/keys/drums?
I have been playing drums since I was ten, so that’s about 35 years, guitar and bass since 2004.

Which piece of gear gave you your most beautiful memories and why?
I don’t have them anymore, but my first set of Paiste cymbals I ever got through my endorsement, back in 1993. My father was as proud as a peacock and we drove to the imprt agency in Luxembourg together to pick them out. I felt like a kid in a gigantic candy store! That was a beatiful day that I will NEVER forget.

Do you have an endorsement deal or a signature model? If so, could you tell us a little bit more about it?
I have an endorsement deal with Sonor drums, Amedia cymbals and Balbex sticks. With the latter I also have a signature stick.

What was your worst purchase ever and why?
Two Ibanez guitars, a six and a 7 string. In itself it was fine equipment, but as a starting guitarist I was hoping to be able to do more with it thanks to the slimmer neck, but it appeared to be quite the opposite. I almost gave up playing guitar when I encountered the brand Schecter.

I’ll inform Michael about it, hahaha Who are your influences (musicians)?
My very first influence was Peter Criss, thanks to him and KISS I started to play drums. After that came Cozy Powell, I sat in front of the TV for hours, watching live videos of Rainbow and MSG to figure out exactly what it was that he was doing and how he did it and to reproduce all of it. And in the 80s it was mainly Deen Castronovo who was a huge inspiration, in particular his work with Marty Friedman/Cacophony.

What was your first guitar/bass/keys/drums?
My first ever drum kit was a starter set for kids. It broke quite fast but my parents saw that it had an appeal to me and so I got a real Pearl Export (the semi-professional, a textbook example of a starter kit). And when I found out that ‘Overkill’ by Motörhead really could not be played with one bassdrum, I soon got a second one (which meant you had to buy a whole new set, as they were not sold separately, the toms we sold right away). My first guitar was a starter kit by Fender, which came with a little amp. It was a birthday present form my sister.

What is on your wish list?
One day, if I am very rich, I think it would be awesome to have an Ocheltree drum kit. They are made out of bronze and they literally sound like a proverbial clock. But they are impossible to carry, so you need a really strong drum tech… I do have one bronze snare and there is almost no tripod matched up against its weight.

Ultimate goal as a musician?
I don’t think I have that many goals left, these days I find it important enough if I myself am satisfied with what I am doing. I am my own worst critic, but occasionally I do stuff that years later I still am very proud of it. And I think that if you achieve that, you should not be asking for much more.

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