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Read a good book every now and then: A Drummer’s Perspective

By: Pim B.

Besides his activities as singer of the Dutch doom legend Officium Triste and writing for several magazines, Pim Blankenstein is also someone who loves to read a good book about bands and artists. Heavy bands and artists of course, for who in his right mind desires to read crap about pop bands, right? Therefore Pim takes control of this corner of Lords Of Metal and will enlighten us with his thoughts about everything interesting in the world of rock literature on a monthly basis. This month he reports about 'A Drummer's Perspective' by David Phillips.

band imageThis month I had an easy job reviewing a book as 'A Drummer's Perspective' is a so-called coffeetable book with, you might have guessed it, photographs of drummers. This book was made in his free time by Englishman David Phillips, who is a drummer as well and has a daily job as an 'Artist Relation Manager' at the European office of DW drums.

Some exceptions aside all pictures were shot by Phillips, usually from a position you won't see that much as a visitor of a gig. And you know that drummers usually hide behind a huge kit. Every photo has additional information where it was taken and some extra insight from Phillips as well. With a total of over 100 photo's arranged in alphabetical order on the artist's name, among them many metal drummers, this is a great book to look at. It's not strictly interesting to drummers though, anyone with an interest in music and photography might like this book. One thing that sticks out is that many of the photographed drummers play on DW; then again it isn't all that strange thinking of it. I assume Phillips' job had a large part of getting the possibility to shoot these great photos from these beautiful positions. In short, a very nice book to look at.

A Drummer's Perspective
David Phillips
A&R Marketing
ISBN 978-0-9567334-0-5

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