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Special features, reports and other non-standard articles.

Modus Operandi: Phil Campbell – Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons / Motörhead

The longest lasting guitarist of Motörhead and his gear.

Read a good book every now and then: For The Sake of Heaviness: The History of Metal Blade Records

The story of a fan that made it as a boss of an influential record company.

Studio-report Beyond God

The material is nicely bombastic, has lots of variety and is carried by the great vocal performance of female singer Meryl Foreman.

A World Full Of Devastation

If you don’t have ‘Idolatry’ in your collection yet, then I will advise you to grab the opportunity now and to get this re-release.

Metal Gear: NEXI Industries Pedal Board and Pedals

An awesome new kind of pedalboard, made in The Netherlands.

Metal Gear: GHS Bass Boomers BEAD Tuning

With only four strings still a five-string sound? Read on!

Metal Gear: ESP-LTD TE-200 Guitar

The looks of a Telecaster with a real metal sound? Sure, no problem.