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Special features, reports and other non-standard articles.

Metal Gear: Special Positive Grid Bias Mini Guitar

When you put all figures, specs and possibilities in line and you judge them objectively, there is almost no way around the Bias Amp.

Metal Gear: Aristides 060R + 070S

The new location and guitars are an excellent reason to check out the production and new ideas at Aristides.

Modus Operandi: Twan van Geel - Legion Of The Damned

About his Alexi Blacky signature ESP: "It was expensive, but it’s still such a goddamn hot and ass kicking guitar, I love it!"

Beroemde Headbangers: Piet Huysentruyt

Koken en metal gaat prima samen.

Metal Gear: Cort X500

The Cort X500 is made for metal!

Modus Operandi: Sarah Longfield

There is a big difference between being able to play the guitar really well and being a good guitarist.

Metal Gear: TV cabinets PV600 - Bass

In search of something indestructible? Just walk this way...

Metal Gear: Kool Black 50 watt

Original Dutch quality design!

Modus Operandi: Trey Azagthoth – Morbid Angel

His name is synonymous with the darkest, most ominous death metal that nearly sounds like an incantation.

Metal Gear: Schecter Blackjack ATX C1 FR

Satyricon's life-saver at Fortarock 2018.