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Special features, reports and other non-standard articles.

Summer Breeze 2017

A great feast in the south of Germany.

Modus Operandi: Tony Dolan (Venom Inc.)

Which bass stands up to the Demolition man?

Wacken Open Air 2017 - Waar kunnen we ons op verheugen

See you in Wacken – Rain or Shine!

Celtic Frost – The Noise Records Reissues

Completely new and improved, but still not perfect. Is this possible? Yes, it is.

Metal Gear: Pichel Hammer 6 Guitar

Holland knows its guitars.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - fresh re-releases

This ancient stuff still sounds well.

Read a good book every now and then: Death Metal Epic (Book Two: Goat Song Sacrifice)

The American death metal guitarist stayed in Europe after the unsuccessful tour with his band Katabasis.

Kreator: The four classic Noise album re-issues!

Why is Kreator a living legend? For the answer we need to travel to the past.

The Heep at their creative peak!

It was indeed a while ago, but now improved available again.

Diamond Head in the nineties

Also active in the 90s, though not everybody noticed...

1 CD, 2 opinions: Prong - Zero Days (Steamhammer/SPV)

Prong was always a fine band. Are they still?