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Special features, reports and other non-standard articles.

Beroemde Headbangers: Piet Huysentruyt

Koken en metal gaat prima samen.

Metal Gear: Cort X500

The Cort X500 is made for metal!

Modus Operandi: Sarah Longfield

There is a big difference between being able to play the guitar really well and being a good guitarist.

Metal Gear: TV cabinets PV600 - Bass

In search of something indestructible? Just walk this way...

Metal Gear: Kool Black 50 watt

Original Dutch quality design!

Modus Operandi: Trey Azagthoth – Morbid Angel

His name is synonymous with the darkest, most ominous death metal that nearly sounds like an incantation.

Metal Gear: Schecter Blackjack ATX C1 FR

Satyricon's life-saver at Fortarock 2018.

Saxon in an identity crisis?

Did Saxon really lose their touch in the second half of the Eighties? The fresh reissues from ‘Innocence Is No Excuse’, ‘Rock The Nations’ and ‘Destiny’ will answer this question.

Mysto Dysto en Mandator in de herhaling!

Albums worden voor verschillende mensen om uiteenlopende redenen cult-klassiekers.

Same Music, Different People

Een sociaal-culturele blik op heavy metal!

Klassik '78: so unique that there is no name for it.

Long lost Kiss recordings from 1978? Well, not quite...

Gene Simmons Vault Experience - Amsterdam

Geldklopperij of iets geweldigs voor de kapitaalkrachtige fans? Lees en bepaal zelf.

Summer Breeze 2018 - Nog een paar nachtjes slapen

Naar het zuiden van Duitsland. Ja, het is een eindje rijden, maar dat heb ik er graag voor over.

The old Grave Digger albums re-excavated…

Back to the 80s with German metal pioneers.

Guns N Roses ‘Appetite For Destruction’ - 2018

The fact that a controversial track like ‘One In A Million’ is not on this collection, is something you could feel disappointed about, but in this day and age it simply asks for too much explanation about the story behind it, and then still the soup didn’t get any cooler.

Metal Gear: Orange Brent Hinds Terror

Brent Hinds from mathmetalmasters Mastodon released a signature amp with Orange.

Saxon’s growth towards maturity

Just like with the first three albums a while ago, record label BMG re-releases the records ‘Denim And Leather, ‘Power And The Glory’ and the already mentioned ‘Crusader’ in a very beautiful digi-pack version packed with loads of bonus material.

De Vrienden van Baroeg

Cultureel ondernemen voor een alom geliefd metal podium.

Summer Breeze 2018 - Een aangenaam verblijf in Zuid-Duitsland

Wat Summer Breeze zo uniek maakt is de drang naar vernieuwing.

Wacken Open Air 2018, Rain or Shine!

Op dit moment zijn er nog zo’n 10.000 kaarten beschikbaar in de voorverkoop en het heeft er alle schijn van dat het festival dit jaar wel weer gaat uitverkopen.

Reborn Through Hate – The Coroner Reissues

These founders of technical thrash/death metal obviously don’t need an introduction.

Guns N' Roses Locked N' Loaded Box - Een eerste indruk

Het bandgeluid is rauw, ongepolijst, enigszins schel en authentiek door het intact laten van intro's en outtro's.

The heavenly music of Fifth Angel

A second chance for unbelievable beautiful material…

Modus Operandi: Mark Menghi - Metal Allegiance

I took it to my then practice facility, put a strap on it and played one note before I took it off to never be touched again

Modus Operandi: Jeff Hughell

Anyone who has remotely followed death metal band Six Feet Under the last years, knows that you have a hard time going around bassist Jeff Hughell.

Metal Gear: NEXI FZZ-01 UD Fuzz Pedal

And actually we all need some live gear without fear for beer!

Read a good book every now and then: Doom Metal Lexicanum

As a reference book this is the best publication that has ever been published when it comes to doom metal.

A return to the early days of Saxon

The early days in a brand new wrapping. With some nice extras.

Nieuw maar toch vertrouwd: Faster & Louder

Komt allemaal kijken en zorg dat je de eerste legendarische editie van dit nieuwe feestje niet mist… het wordt epic!!!

Beroemde Headbangers: Harry Piekema

System Of A Down; dat is intelligente muziek waarover is nagedacht.