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Beowulf - Westminster & 5th

Beowulf - Westminster & 5th

Label : I Scream Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : If you're unknown with a part of Beowulf's history, start with reading my review for 'The Re-releases' (which contains their self-titled debut album from 1986 and 'Lost My Head But I'm Back On The Right Track' from 1988). Finished reading that part of the story? OK. Let's start off around the beginning of the 1990's, when all original band members packed up their shit and left Beowulf.

Vocalist/guitarist Dale Henderson hired some new members (Clint Schuyler / guitars, Kevin Sullivan / bass and Rich Rowan / drums) and recorded 'Un-Sentimental' (1993), which became less successful than the previous releases because of its melodical approach. Once again, the bands line-up fell apart and with different musicians, Henderson released '2 Cents' (1995) and toured Europe and Japan.

When the final curtain fell, Beowulfs main man founded Kool Whip and released 'The Now' (2002). Although Kool Whip was a quite successful act, Henderson got a hint of nostalgia and wanted to play the old stuff again so he decided to change the name back to Beowulf. The current band consists of Henderson, Sullivan and Rowan (both from the 'Un-Sentimental' days) and Stefan Capria on guitars.

This is an album I've been waiting for for several years now and I'm sure fans from both eras won't be disappointed because its music contains elements that made Beowulf great: the raw and unpolished hardcore approach from the Eighties mixed with the melodious tunes from the Nineties. Beowulf couldn't have made a better come-back album than this one!

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