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Paragon - Forgotten Prophecies

Paragon - Forgotten Prophecies

Label : Remedy Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Paragon has been on duty for seventeen years now and 'Forgotten Prophecies' is the eight long-player by these heavy metal maniacs. Through the years the band has delivered records of variable quality, but one thing they have always done is keeping the traditional heavy metal sound, with Grave Digger as the biggest comparison. That is also the case with this new album. More than that, Paragon sounds more like Grave Digger that Grave Digger itself nowadays. But to be honest I don't mind that for one second, because the ten new compositions on this album simply sound good and more importantly, over the top METAL! The tempo is kept high in general and the band leaves a powerful impression. However, the songs are provided with enough variety, as well instrumentally as vocally, so that the album doesn't become boring. A clear and heavy production sees to it that the songs remain straight right up and also sound spontaneous. Thanks to that, the guitar sound comes better to its right, because Paragon has always been a "guitar band”. The opinions about Andreas Babushkin's voice may vary, but personally I think his voice fits perfectly to the music. Next to the ten new songs, we also get a fantastic version of Overkill's 'Deny The Cross'

'Forgotten Prophecies' adds little to the overflowed scene and the ones who have a high value for originality should keep away from this album. But the fact remains that Paragon has released a highly respectable album, which will surely find its way to my player regularly. If you like well-performed, well-produced, traditional heavy metal and don't care much about originality or renewal, then you can purchase this album without much thought. The limited edition appears in a slipcase including a bonus-DVD.

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