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Kekal - The Painful Experience

Kekal - The Painful Experience

Label : Fear Dark Productions | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Peter D. : Indonesia, land of oriental food, religious conflicts and… metal?! Yes indeed! With their third album, Kekal change my view of Indonesia quite a bit. Do I mind? No, absolutely not, because their mixture of cold, symphonic black metal (sometimes a bit like Limbonic Art), tough power metal and samples is actually quite convincing. The vocals are equally divers: black metal screams, clean vocals, spoken word parts and 'true metal' vocals. The latter are a matter of taste, however. They make me quite nervous, and bring pictures to my mind of a screaming pig, trying to imitate Rob Halford… Luckily, the band has composed nine convincing songs. The tenth song is a four-minute keyboard part: nice, but not all metalheads will like it. The same goes for the remix of 'Like there's no other way to go', which combines metal and techno. All in all a fine album. The more adventurous black metalfans should give it a try.

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