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Mistress - The Glory Bitches Of Doghead

Mistress - The Glory Bitches Of Doghead

Label : Suburban | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : Mistress on Feto Records? What a surprise! What a great leap forwards! After a short romance with the deceased Rage Of Achilles label, the first two releases were picked up by Earache Records and re-released with bonus material. I actually thought the band would quit or would release a new CD through Earache Records, but Feto Records had the honours.

Feto Records has signed a reborn Mistress. This British sludge grind quintet have grown strong and mighty in brutality and especially in composition! And 'The Glory Bitches Of Doghead' is the result! And what a result it is! With the first two releases I thought plenty of times that the band was still searching, or still too premature to release, but here they are focused as hell! The sound is gory, sludgy and greasy and even though they still do not know whether to grind or go mid-tempo, I do like both sides of the band and the parts are quite well balanced. They sound in times like the also reborn Napalm Death, yet slower, but especially in the vocals. But there are Neurosis like parts, like in 'Sleep, or even an Eastern sound in a song like '31.06.7 Drown It', what would fit perfectly in a Nile release. Maybe a bit less identity, but a great release!

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