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Amarok - Sol De Medianoche

Amarok - Sol De Medianoche

Label : ProgRock Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Amarok was founded in 1990 as an idea of main composer Robert Santamaria who moved from Venezuela to Spain. Now the band exists of classical trained musicians like female vocalist Marta Segura, saxophonist Mirela Sisquella and Manel Mayol who plays flute and didgeridoo. Robert himself is keyboard player, but ethnic influences feature the music. I never heard a notable contribution of guitars; flute, sax and percussion do have a leading function. This album has not that much affinity with rock, it has more a classical music and jazz approach, but maybe it commands any respect among the progressive rock fans.

It has always been the intention to blend different music styles, more precisely Mediterranean folk, Eastern music and symphonic rock. The songs are mainly sung in Spanish, but some of them are in Catalan and for the first time even a few in English. It is already the seventh album in the history of Amarok and it includes the largest number of varied instruments they ever used on a record. Yet I think that this music will principally have success in Spanish countries and Latin America, because there are lots of Spanish ethnic influences in the music and vocals have a Mediterranean feel as well. The success in Japan can we ascribe to the oriental, refined sounds of instruments unknown to me. The general atmosphere is quite relaxed, though there are some extensive tracks with hectic jazz patterns. As bonus they have added an ethnic version of 'Abaddon's Bolero' of Emerson, Lake And Palmer.

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