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Ektomorf - I Scream Up To The Sky

Ektomorf - I Scream Up To The Sky

Label : Silverdust | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Evil Dr. Smith : Never change a winning team! Hungarian(!) Ektomorf 's previous CD 'Kalyi Jag' (their third) did well in its battle against Sepultura. The competition between the albums was at level pegging for a while, but in the end the tropical rainforest blokes probably achieved the best sales numbers. Still, the Hungarian Tribal-Thrash would have deserved to ride along on the wave created by the Sepultura/Soulfly- success.

I do not mean to slag them off, but it is 'repetition galore' on their new CD, the second one available in more countries than just Hungary. The band may be quite happy to repeat themselves, but the reviewer it is hardly exiting stuff. So if you are looking for an extensive review, take a look at the one of their previous CD (archive, September 2000), same thing applies here. Lack of progress equals decline, but by adding a few inventive arrangements ( What do I hear? Scratching? Hungarian folklore singing in 'Miss You', 'An Les Devla' and 'Blood In Blood? ), catchier riffs and better production they managed to keep up their grade. In that sense they have done better than their Brazilian Cousins despite (or maybe 'because of') their Reggea/Ska-track 'Fajdalom K├Ânnyei' and the Thrash-cover of The Beatles' 'A Hard Days Night', which seems rather out of place.

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