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Cowboys & Aliens - Love Sex Volume

Cowboys & Aliens - Love Sex Volume

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Release type: Full-length CD

Evil Dr. Smith : Cowboys & Aliens. Love, Sex, Volume. As if Clint Eastwood spends over 3 quarters of an hour on top of Sigourney Weaver in her space capsule crashing in the plain of the vast desert of a Spaghetti Western. "Need a smoke?” , asks Sigourney in a breathy voice. "Well, this was one hell of a smoking fire already” mumbles Clint with the well-known squeezed look…

Nearly one and a half years after their debut 'A Trip To Stonehenge Colony' our Belgian Neighbours launch 'Love, Sex, Volume' ( 11 Red Devilish tracks) aiming for our groove & monster-riff craving ears. The sound is even groovier and the songs just that extra bit catchy. This is once again a CD that would convince any self-respecting lover of rough riff-rock and grilled grind-grooves to sign up for the Foreign Legion instantly; on to the blustering heat and the relentless solitude of the desert plains. This music drags you along to 'fata morgana'-filled far away lands. The inherent paradox of the album are C&A's (unfortunate abbreviation?) lyrics: the se(ns/x)ual content evokes a forceful need for female companionship ("I'm getting horny cause I know how you taste” (in 'Out Of Control')), which can be rather frustrating when you imagine yourself on desolate sandy plains in utter solitude. But the ever-present 'magic riff' and hypnotic spellbinding Rock-vocals of Henk V. manage to glue these two seemingly incompatible imaginary worlds together. Loneliness and sexuality find each other in chemical synergy. (I tried to avoid focussing on this music's invitation to masturbate, but failed miserably, haven't I?) In other words it is robust Rock with spot-on riffs. Art with a capital A, or Unique with the U of Unida. To be honest, C&A flirt with Kyuss' sound, atmosphere and in addition Henk's vocals show an undeniable similarity to their work. However, Josh Homme (ex-Kyuss) tuned to the Queens Of The Stone Age's more light-footed sound and John Garcia (ex-Kyuss) seems to take his time with Unida ( Yo, lazy git! We're still waiting for your new masterpiece, you know!) and that leaves us no other choice but to award Cowboys&Aliens the 'The Kings Of The Desert'-status. Our Southern Neighbours hold firm grip on this title and will continue to dominate for a second term without having to fear any form of competition. Bring on Unida's coup d'état, this C&A album will probably withstand any attack on its position. As said in the Spoiler review (archive, November 2001): bands such as A5tro5oniq, spoiler and Cowboys&Aliens no longer have a need for American seventies-Rock inspired riffs. The Benelux has its own stash of sand-pirates and desert-sheikhs. In fact, the cover off ZZ-Top's throbbing 32-cilinder 'Sharp Dressed Man' is somewhat superfluous on this CD.

A few point have to be deducted because of the crappy cover-artwork. Instead of the cheap drawing they could have used some genuine female flesh. Or maybe even Sigourney's tasty underwear from Alien. No? I see, that case I better buy myself a copy of Penthouse magazine…

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