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Katatonia - July

Katatonia - July

Label : Peaceville | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Vera : Following 'My Twin' and 'Deliberation', 'July' appears to be the third single released from the ultimately praised 'The Great Cold Distance' album which was released in 2006. Of course every Katatonia fan has this album in their collection by now.

Nevertheless a single like this one may include some interesting material for the collector. Except the gloomy 'July', which may be considered as known, this limited digipack also includes a remix of 'Soil's Song'. However do not expect some dance beats here, fortunately not! This remix goes more in the direction of the unworldly, yet highly artistically work of Antimatter, including a slightly threatening mood. 'Unfurl' is the only true new track that is not present on the album, but it yield to the tracks we do find on the regular album qua impression and impact. This means the well-known saddened voice of Jonas Renkse, fluttering guitar leads and an ultimate melancholic atmosphere. Besides this one can find the videoclip of 'July' on this issue. This music video was directed by Charlie Granberg, just like the previous clips.

At the end of May a CD/DVD of Katatonia will see the light of day with the audio and visual reflection of their performance at Summer Breeze 2006. Fans can be keen on having this 'Live Consternation'!

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