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Nerthus - The Crowned’s Reuion

Nerthus - The Crowned’s Reuion

Label : CCP Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : This is my first encounter with Nerthus and it's not a good one. 'The Crowned's Reunion' consists of one half of metal songs and another of introductory interludes. Sadly, the overtly folky black metal tunes sound extremely dinky production-wise and uninteresting musically.

The semi-happy melodies, intended as medieval traditional harmonies are quite irritating. Quite frankly, I didn't found much enjoyable music on this album. It all sounds like some sort of computer generated, generic version of Mithotyn. Covering all clichÈs associated with this style, including the rather dull utilisation of the mouth harp, Nerthus has created not one single piece of music on this album that could be called their own.

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