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Abaddon Incarnate - Nadir

Abaddon Incarnate - Nadir

Label : Sentinel | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Sebastiaan : After having had an interview with the guys from Abaddon Incarnate, some time ago, it became time to review their latest release, "Nadir". In this interview I asked for an explanation of the bandname. Meanwhile, a clear bandbio was sent to me in which this is explained into the finest detail. The word 'Abaddon' means hell as well as the devil (how original).

The band began in 1989 as a 5-man formation. At that time, the band still performed under the name 'Bereaved'. After the releasing of 2 demos (it seems to become a hype!), the guys from Bereaved decided to change their bandname into Abaddon Incarnate. It is the year 1994 by now. 2 years later, a sampler, containing only 2 tracks, was recorded. With this sampler, the band got signed by the French label Season of Mist. In '98 the album 'The last supper' was recorded, and now, about 2 years later, the album 'Nadir' has been released; under another recordlabel: Sentinel Records.

According to the label, Nadir is 'supreme brutal - an unremitting deluge of sometimes brief but harrowing blasts of noise'. Well, I could not have described it better myself... Nadir contains about 45 minutes of grind/death, however more grind than death. Maybe a little bit unsubtle, but I asked in my interview if that was not too long for this kind of music. I still think this kind of grind only keeps intense, when it is not played for too long.

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