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Dave Meniketti - Meniketti

Dave Meniketti - Meniketti

Label : Dream Catcher Records | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Richard V. : Contrary to painters, classical composers, writers and sculptors most Pop and Rock musicians do not improve as the years go by. In fact, most artists and bands in the Rockgenre stop evolving after four or five records. The urge to renew themselves changes into repeating earlier achievements. Y&T is a good example of this theory. Their third record "Earthshaker" is a classic, record four was good, but after "Mean Streak" it all went downhill. After a short revival with "Ten" and an excellent live album it was over. Their last CDs were irrelevant.

With his first solo album "On the Blue Side" Y&T frontman Dave Meniketti surprised both friend and foe. The songs were strong, the singing was excellent and the guitar work wonderful. The ballads were the best Meniketti ever wrote and surpassed classics "I Believe in You" and "Forever". The blues suited him very well. Now, four years later, we have solo record numero dos on which Meniketti returns to his rocking roots. Is the move understandable? Yes. Since a year Y&T occasionally perform reunion shows. On his website Dave communicates with fans on an almost daily basis. Y&T fans. Is the move smart? Probably not. "On the Blue Side" received critical acclaim and outsold later Y&T CDs in both Europe and Japan. Is the move right? Your reviewer thinks differently. "On the Blue Side" showed emotional depth, quality and inspiration. "Meniketti" is a solid Rock album with good guitar work and excellent singing, but it does not even touch the level of the first solo album. However, this CD compares favorably to the better Y&T releases. As usual the ballads are the best songs. The ten Rocktracks are all fine, although an irritating chorus spoils "All in This Together”. Innovative it is not, but which artist over 40 is?

What remains for Meniketti in the future? Maybe he should cooperate with younger musicians to get his creative juices flowing. A move that worked well for Carlos Santana. A piano or saxophone would not do any harm either. But those are deliberations for the future. This year the fans can add a great record to their collection. Good, but not special.

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