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Various Artists - Revenge The Triumph of... A Tribute to Manowar

Various Artists - Revenge The Triumph of... A Tribute to Manowar

Label : Northwind Records | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : When Horst asked me to do a review of a Manowar Tribute album I said, "Sure, why not. I love Manowar, so bring it on, if it doesn't suck too much”. Horst replied with a big smile on his face, "Actually it isn't that good, but you are going to do it anyway… hahaha!”. Especially this last laugh made me suspicious. One day later the CD arrived on my doormat. I came home at 3.00 at night after a 16-hour working day, picked it up and listened to it straight away, curious as I was.

Now, let me tell you… Manowar are the kings of metal, we all know that. Without Manowar Heavy Metal would not be Heavy Metal. In addition Manowar unites Metal fans all over the world, these are the facts we all know. But, this Manowar tribute with 15 of Manowar's finest compositions is pure sacrilege. 15 of Manowar's icons are being raped by mostly Italian, but also Brazilian, German and American Heavy Metal bands. There are only a few acceptable coversongs: Nameless Crime ("Hail and Kill”), Drifting Mines ("Fighting The World”) and Logar's Diary ("Blood of My Enemies”). Most disturbing thing about this CD are the singers. None of them reach the same level as Eric Adams. They all try, but there is only one Manowar singer with such an incredible voice. And.. Italians have such a weird accent. Metal Warriors is a good example of that, it is funny how this singer pronounces the word Metal.

Anyway, I cannot recommend this CD to any Manowar fan. Certainly not to people not yet familiar with Manowar, what are they supposed to think of Manowar after hearing this CD? My advice is, "don't touch this CD and stay true to the originals, they rule.” This CD surely will not do the Italian Heavy Metal scene any good and it certainly will not unite these Italian bands with the rest of the world. This is not a Tribute, this is crap!

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