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Emerald Sun - Escape From Twilight

Emerald Sun - Escape From Twilight

Label : Limb Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With the departure from Rhapsody, Luca Turilli and recently Wizard, Limb Music has lost a few of its most important bands. Recently the label has been gaining more and more heavy and power metal bands to compensate the "damage”. At the end of last year they released and excellent album by Zandelle and again this month they come with another promising heavy metal band.

Although this Greek band is releasing its debut just now, they have been around for about nine years. Earlier they released two demos in 2003 and 2004 and have been working on this first long player since 2005. And I must say that the result is satisfying. As soon as the album explodes with 'Scream Out Loud', a smile appears on my face. The song sounds catchy from the first second and shows that we're not dealing with rookies. Everything is played with much tightness and precision and R.D. Laipakis' (also known from Jack Starr and Mystic Prophecy) powerful production gives the music the exact power that it needs. In the following tracks like 'High In The Sky', Sword Of Light' or the instrumental 'Emerald Sun' the band's writing skills are brought even more into light. Another pleasant point is that, unlike some colleague bands, Emerald Sun seems to be fully aware that they play METAL and don't choke us with an overload of melodies. Of course, the melodies and emotions are fully pleasant on this album, but combined with heavy guitar riffs and some aggression. Johnny Athanasiadi's voice should also not stay unmentioned, because he sounds far better than most heavy metal singers nowadays. He can bring his voice with much power and sound melodic at the same time. In songs like the, on Blind Guardian reminding, semi-ballad 'The Story Begins' and the eighties sounding AOR-ballad 'Not Alone' he also shows to be able to sing with much feeling.

Of course I can start complaining about the fact that none of this has a slight bit of originality and that the comparison with the (especially German) colleague bands is obvious or that the usual clichÈs are fully present, but I won't! What does it matter anyway? The songs are good, the band is good, the production is good and the whole sounds right. I do have to say they have done everything "by the book”, by which the songs sound too predictable from time to time. But altogether 'Escape From Twilight' has become a worthy debut album by a talented and promising band.

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