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Dreamland - Eye For An Eye

Dreamland - Eye For An Eye

Label : Dockyard1 Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Eddy : I am always glad when I can do an interview with a band simultaneous of writing a review of a new album by that same band. That way I do not have to go to deep into the band's history, my interview-partner can do that job for me and I can keep myself focussed to just that new album.

I have read some online reviews about this new and second album by Dreamland and many reviewers are referring to Hammerfall when they describe this record called 'Eye For An Eye'. I am sorry, that real fails to get to me. Sure, it's Hammerfall vocalist Joacim Cans who is together with Andy LaRoque doing the producing-jobs. But that is where the resemblance stops if it was up to me. Dreamland is more an heavier version of the eighties Dokken, reminds me a lot of the Pink Cream '69 music and the last two songs on this album strangely even have a big dose of Vicious Rumors in some parts of those songs. This album is as strong as you may wish for a heavy record. There are eleven well-balanced perfect composed songs on this album; each and every song has the capacity to stick in your head after the first listen. This 'Eye For An Eye' album is a pure joy to listen and forget some of your sorrows of the moment. The musician all do a very powerful job to create an awesome wall of sound and that vocalist Jake E is one of the best I heard lately. When I read the review one of my colleagues did about the debut album of this lot and he wrote that the vocals were weak I got wondering myself. Did we listen to the same singer, did he improve so much since their first album, is it just a matter of taste or what? I am going to get that first album one way or the other, just to find that out.

I am curious about that but on this second album he absolutely has my full blessings, he is really the perfect icing on the cake. The highlight song on this album is number seven, 'Shadows Of The Night' and is again a very good showcase for Jake E's awesome voice. One hell of a release my Swedish friends!

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