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Machine Head - The Blackening

Machine Head - The Blackening

Label : Roadrunner Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : FUCK YOU AAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Nothing more and nothing less! Just as at the previous cd's the lyrics of Robb Flynn are full of criticism on the society and, without holding himself back and using emotionally charged lyrics, he once again makes clear that he has had it with the dark, pensive atmosphere in which the world find itself nowadays.

So, nothing new then on the new Machine Head cd? Simply forget it! Although at 'The Blackening' the brutal, tight sound of 'Through The Ashes Of Empires' is continued, Machine Head comes up with more melodic, more technical and less catchy songs loaded with complicated parts, outrageous riffs and flaming guitar solo's. The pounding, groovy parts, the technical, lofty execution, the sincerity, the passion, aggression, the propelling dynamics and the complexity have been maintained. Adjacent to it the songs have been stuffed again with all sorts of sounds, which gives 'The Blackening' a rather full, almost overwhelming sound. But the result is there! Tracks such as 'Aesthetics Of Hate' and 'Wolves' have a cruelty and power which equals that of the one from the debut album by Machine Head.

The length of the songs catches the eye; four tracks with each a running time of around ten minutes are enlisted at 'The Blackening'. Nothing wrong with long tracks, but these hold a slight, minor 'danger': putting together different parts seem to end, especially against the end of the song, in a somewhat directionless, shredded combination of fractions ('Clenching The Fist of Dissent') which pointless fade away every now and then. Still; the modern way of approaching the songs, the phenomenal execution and the intense guitar sound have made 'The Blackening' a mouth-watering, brutal musical experience!

Never the same album twice without thereby letting go something of a recognizable own sound and moreover also continuously being in search of its own musical move borders... little bands know to accomplish this. So do not let yourself be fooled by the title: 'The Blackening' is perhaps Machine Head's most clear, convincing cd so far!

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