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Images of Eden		 - Sunlight Of The Spirit

Images of Eden - Sunlight Of The Spirit

Label : Nightmare | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : Sometimes less means something more. That is the thought that creeps up on me after the listening of Images Of Eden's second album 'Sunlight Of The Spirit'. And with less I mean the vocals efforts of singer Gordon Tittsworth. He has that kind of 'younger brother of Geoff Tate' like voice that surely has a lot to offer.

In my opinion this Gordon fellow simply tries too hard because he doesn't vary his singing voice that much, it's mostly full steam ahead and that detests me quickly. A real pity indeed, because more variation in his singing would bring more to this album. The music itself is very varied; calm prog and energetic technical passage, it's all there, the elements that make prog rock and metal so interesting. The band doesn't lose themselves in overcomplexed pieces and know how to dose all different elements. A magnus opus hasn't been left out of course; 'Sunlight Of The Spirit' the titletrack serves up am impressive piece of work. Tittsworth tries to vary here more than anywhere and it's here that more possibilities in his singing aren't unachievable. I will keep playing this album because it simply deserves that, maybe I will get use to the over enthusiastic singer. Maybe you, the reader of this review will have less problems with it. Try is my advice.

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