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Unerase - Own Universe

Unerase - Own Universe

Label : Unicorn Digital | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : Unerase is a quintet from the Ukraine and plays, according to their own statement, metal core with progressive influences. What? Is that something like eating a sandwich with peanut butter poured over with a nice blob of apple sauce? Or like drinking a nice glass of cold beer with a huge splash of vinegar? Filthy and indigestible indeed!

Okay, all respect for a band who tries something new, but the end result of this is extremely saddening. No intensity, no catching structures or remarkable things. Nothing else than cliché riffs, standard melody lines and a vocalist who both talks and sings his parts. Even the slightly noticeable black metal influences do not have the power to make anything interesting out of this. The eleven tracks are all of a questionable level and so standard that even quite a few school bands would feel offended if they were compared to these Eastern Europeans. Songs like as 'All I Desired', 'Where Is Your God' and title track 'Own Universe' are nothing else than dreary and may make you reach for a bottle of aspirins against the headache you feel coming.

Well, a band purposely raised at Friday the thirteenth should know that their only destiny is to end up in the clearance sale!

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