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The Atomic Bitchwax - Boxriff

The Atomic Bitchwax - Boxriff

Label : Meteor City | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank D. : Some bands are great in the studio and really shitty on stage. Others suck big time in the studio and superb on stage. Sometimes a band is great at both and then there're bands for which the true meaning of life is being on stage, but for whom a studio-album is a nice change of pace. The Atomic Bitchwax seems to be one of those bands. Now, I haven't seen the band in the flesh, but with this live-album 'Boxriff' I can get a feel for it.

De CD opens with four new tracks, which are completely in the line of the last album '3' (2005). In short, it's heavy and sludgy stoner-/ space rock all over the place. Fuzzy guitars, blues influenced and retro sound are the basic ingredients. Did I say "completely in the line”? Well, not completely, because it all sounds somewhat more tranquil. It's a slight change, but I can appreciate it. Up next is the live set. Tracks like 'The Destroyer', 'Maybe I'm A Leo' and 'Force Field' are solid as a rock and show a band in top condition. Show? Yes, because the live recordings from the Seattle's Sunset Tavern show are also included as DVD. So this is a beautiful package with the CD.

In conclusion I have to say that this package is a real treat for the fans, but if you're not yet familiar with the band it's maybe better to purchase '3' to get you started and acquainted. You'll appreciate this CD/DVD even more afterwards.

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