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Scars Of Tomorrow - The Failure In Drowning

Scars Of Tomorrow - The Failure In Drowning

Label : Victory Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : 'The new evolution in metal' Yeah, when I read lines like that from record companies and/or bands I know I do not have to take too serious. But in this case not taking serious is not enough; this is a hilarious statement!

'The Failure In Drowning' is full of clich├ęs, the lyrics are soaked with subjects and lines you have heard at least a dozen of times before, the variation between shrieks and melodic background vocals ('The Wandering', de 'The Unwinding') are not new as well and music wise there is nothing than the standard level. At a certain point all tracks are so similar that I can hardly recognize which track I am listening to. And what about that art work? The cover has way too much similarity with 36 Crazyfists' 'Rest Inside The Flames'. In comparison with previous cd 'The Horror Of Realization' (2005) the songs have become more accessible. Where the raw feeling was dominating tracks such as 'The Hidden Grudge', tracks as 'The Wandering' and 'Broken Silence' have become fuller of sound and easier reachable. Of course this cd has its' nice moments, is it ferocious at certain points, provided with mosh parts and breakdowns, but it is not enough to make something interesting and appealing out of it. Of course it is hard to be original and often there is nothing wrong with a standard release. But this is just a bit too standard!

Does this make 'The Failure Of Drowning' a bad cd? Certainly not. But to me this has become a cd which does not stand out in the bunch of metalcore releases for just a single moment. The five Americans of Scars Of Tomorrow never succeeded in getting above the average level and when to continue like this, this release will easily drown. Will they, in the hope avoiding that, have bear something in mind when they picked the title of this album?

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