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Negative Reaction - Under The Ancient Penalty

Negative Reaction - Under The Ancient Penalty

Label : This Dark Reign | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : After some tremendous great records, New York sludgers Negative Reaction bring out their ¥Under The Ancient Penalty¥. This is described as one of the most personal albums of the band ever and is supposed to bridge the sludge scene with the New York old school hardcore scene. I do not know if that¥s the case now, but this is one damn fine record. The band sounds very bitter and disappointed.

All songs describe exactly what the title gives us. They share it with us. Just so you know, the titles Ken Bones and company use, are 'Lost', 'Loathing', 'Empty', 'Suffer', 'Sorrow', 'Linger' en 'Alone'. Get the picture? They sound more energetic as before and the voice of Ken sounds more irrational, more over the top. Some might not like this kind of singing, but it fits the record and its mood perfectly. Especially with the heart torn guitar and bass parts it forms a unique sound.
A very different album that deserves our respect!

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