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Avatar - Thoughts Of No Tomorrow

Avatar - Thoughts Of No Tomorrow

Label : Gain | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank D. : This CD was one of my last assignments for this month. And it was also one of the surprises of this month. The surprise wasn't directly the music, but the age of the musicians playing that music. The average age is 19. NINETEEN! That means two things: I'm getting old and Sweden proves yet again to be an unbelievable matrix for metal.

Avatar named their debut 'Thoughts Of No Tomorrow', but if I was them I wouldn't worry about tomorrow, because with this debut under their belt, that future looks very bright indeed. The music of this fivesome sounds halfway in between Arch Enemy, In Flames and Soilwork. The rugged guitars and the clawing vocals are grinded together with catchy melodies, thus giving the whole a heavy but accessible vibe. At some point it is even poppy with a sharp edge. In short, it's a whole collage of style figures and influences welded together. Highlights are 'Bound To The Wall', the rocking 'My Shining Star', the Iced Earth meets Metallica-like 'Stranger' and the trashy 'The Skinner'. Their only two minor points to this album. First off the keyboard sound (i.e. 'Sane?') which seems to come out of my first Yoko thingy. And second the guitar sound, which could have been a bit thicker. Due to the fact that the guitars are put right in between the other instruments in the mix, the sound comes across somewhat bleak. A more roaring en dark sound could have given this album that little bit extra which would have blow me away, but hey, that can't bring my spirit down. It's almost suspicious how solid these youngsters do their thing. Just NINETEEN! Unbelievable.

Short and sweet, Avatar is the kind of band which is going all the way. This 'Thoughts Of No Tomorrow' could well be the first peak into the future of Swedish metal.

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