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Deeds of Flesh - Mark Of The Legion

Deeds of Flesh - Mark Of The Legion

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Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Unique Leader Records (the record label of Jacoby and Erik from Deeds of Flesh) set up their European office in The Netherlands and the first CD they send to Lords of Metal for reviewing is Deeds Of Flesh's album "Mark Of The Legion”. Even though this album was released July, last year, I still feel I should give it a review. "Mark Of The Legion” marks the sixth release of the band and is, with a playing time of 41 minutes, the longest Deeds records ever released. Since the last album "Path Of The Weakening”, original bandmembers Joey Heaslet (drums) and former Vile guitarist Jimmy T. have left the band. Deeds of Flesh continues as a three piece with Mike Hamilton (also formerly of Vile) now in the band to take on the task of drumming.
In the 9 years of its existence, Deeds of Flesh have gained a widespread reputation in the Death Metal underground for their ferocious and xxxtreme Death Metal, and hence, have settled themselves firmly in the sub top of the Death Metal scene, alongside bands like Dying Fetus, Diabolic, Hate Eternal and Monstrosity.

"Mark Of The Legion” will once again underline their position as one of California's most intense Death Metal bands. Jacoby and Erik definitely make up the sound of Deeds of Flesh, because since the departure of two members and the joining of a new drummer their overall sound did not change at all. Also, "Mark Of The Legion” was recorded at the same studio (Moon Productions, CA) with the same engineer as "Path of The Weakening”, so in that respect nothing much has changed. The production is slightly clearer, but this is not a significant change. The formula that made "Path Of The Weakening” such an enjoyable album works on the new album as well. Constant up-tempo blast beats topped up with melodic yet extreme guitar harmonies and guttural screams. Many other bands fail to do so, but Deeds manage to keep the songs exxxtremely exxxtreme but most importantly, they are also recognisable. The artwork is once again done by Jon Zig and once again, like with all the other Deeds albums, I am not impressed with his work. The drawing in the folded booklet (showing the legion) simply looks silly and reminds me of a typical Black Metal drawing. Anyway, it still is the music that counts (and I will just not open the booklet anymore). "Mark Of The Legion” contains nine tracks of ferocious and technical Death Metal, that will surely find its way to Death Metal fans worldwide. Maybe needless to say, as it can be read on their webpage as well, but Deeds Of Flesh are currently working on a live album with 10 live songs and a brand new studio track. Keep an eye on these fellows, they will be crushing Europe and the States this summer. And be sure to catch them at this years' Fuck The Commerce Fest!!

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