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SOS - A Guide To A Better Living

SOS - A Guide To A Better Living

Label : 316 Productions | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : Three times short, three times long, three times short again … the Morse code for SOS is, without any doubt, the most known and probably the most used one. And it is the name of a musical quartet from New York City! For five years we have not heard from them, but the rockers with the well-known Morse code name are back.

Who in the music industry will have been waiting for the return of this illustrious foursome? When I first heard the cd 'A Guide To A Better Living' I thought it was a cheap demo recording from any arbitrary, random band of beginners. But it turns out different. SOS has been active for over more than ten years and this cd has been mixed and mastered in a professional studio. Of course, you would say, that is what every professional band does. Incomprehensible, you will say, when you hear the result! The sound is so dull and dozy that it will take away any hearing pleasure, when it is already there, straight away! SOS plays a melodic mix of rock, metal, groove, punk and hardcore. And there we have another problem; it is almost impossible to hear in which direction the band musically wants to go, which results in a sort of cross-pollination between the Golden Earring and The Sex Pistols. Such a mixture can be interesting, but in this case 'A Guide To A Better Living' has nothing appealing at all. And seventeen tracks are hard to go through then!

SOS! SOS! If my cd was presented with such an awful sound and after ten years such mediocre songs were written, I would have cried for help as well. SOS! SOS! Woman and children first!

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