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Rekuiem - Time Will Tell

Rekuiem - Time Will Tell

Label : Majestic Rock Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Majestic Rock is really outdoing themselves this month, because next to the release of AIIZ's 'The Witch Of Berkeley' they have issued another convincing record with the debut album of the British band Rekuiem, of which I never had heard before. Most known member of the band is current Diamond Head drummer Karl Wilcox, but he ones that make the best impression on me are vocalist Paul Parry, who proves to be a great heavy metal singer, and Demon guitar player Steve Slater, who delivers some might fine guitar riffs. The fact that these riffs are packed into great songs is something which is nowadays no given anymore, but this is convincingly done by Rekuiem.

The album really gets going at the third song 'Sinners', a slowbanger with a nice groove and chorus line. Following this is semi-ballad and title track 'Time Will Tell', which for me is the highlight of the album. The song has a great build-up and transforms quite subtle from a ballad into a tremendous heavy metal song. Next up is 'Werewolf', which is another great track and notable is that Diamond Head guitarist is contributed as a guest performer with a nice guitar solo. Other songs which are worth listening to are the Black Sabbath influenced 'Black Death' and closing track 'Sacrificial Wanderer', another highlight of the album. Unfortunately they've decided to include a cover of Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid' and this is the weakest performance on offer here. The Rekuiem version is just not good enough to match the high quality of their own material. Having said this, Rekuiem is one of the better British bands that I've listened to in a long time and they have delivered a great record with 'Time Will Tell'. Fantastic cover artwork by the way!

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