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The Classic Struggle - Feel Like Hell

The Classic Struggle - Feel Like Hell

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : The Classical Struggle (from the south of California) is a relatively young band that was founded in 2002. Strangely enough the toured mostly the east coast those days, but nowadays the whole of the USA suffers from their visits, and they shared the stage with acclaimed acts like Unearth, Every Time I Die and Lamb Of God.

Having mentioned these bands it will be no problem to categorize this band musically, though I must admit that their songs sound a lot more deformed and chaotic than the material from aforementioned bands. The Classical Struggle walks the more heavy metalcore path, for you will not encounter things like catchy choruses, clean vocals and ballads. Nope, despite the dark and sinister sound it will not come as a surprise when I tell you that the album is filled with standard death metal riffs, sudden tempo changes and the obliged breakdowns. This mixture of metal and hardcore sounds only moderate and really misses the element of surprise. I mean, musically it is all being executed just right, make no mistake about that, but apart from tunes like 'Amen To Artillery' and 'Storm Of Swords' the album simply does not grab me. You know, lots of potentially good bands waste too much time on imitating successful pioneers and in the end produce albums that are not half as good as the real thing, and I am afraid that The Classic Struggle has fallen into the same trap.

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