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Subzero - The Suffering Of Man

Subzero - The Suffering Of Man

Label : Scarlet Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : Subzero is a hardcore band from New York has been around for seventeen years now, but all their demos aside this is merely their third official release. Back in 1996 they released 'Happiness Without Peace', which was one year re-released through Century Media, and five years later the EP 'Necropolis: City of the Damned' followed.

It goes without saying that Subzero is firmly rooted in the NYHC, but there is more to enjoy on their new album 'The Suffering Of Man'. Though they stay close to the essence of hardcore, they also manage to put on a diverse musical face, and this shows in the form of lots of punkrock and metal influences. Add to this the ability to perfectly combine melody and aggression and you end up with a pretty strong CD. Okay, it all sounds a bit less raw then on 'Happiness Without Peace', but still the venom and frustration literary drips from the music. To keep a long story short: 'The Suffering Of Man' is a worthy hardcore CD, bound to please everybody who still caries a torch for NYHC.

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