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Impaled - Mondo Medicale

Impaled - Mondo Medicale

Label : Century Media | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : If this were the year 1992 and a friend of mine made me listen to this CD, then I would have immediately thought this to be the follow up of Carcass' "Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious”. However, this is obviously not the case. It is the year 2002, Carcass split up six years ago and this CD is from four guys hailing from the USA, who have been spreading their disease called Impaled over the scene for the past five years. Clearly this band does not care about being original or whatever. Their second full-length CD could have been released by Carcass between 1991's "Necroticism” and 1993's "Heartwork”. Have I now come to the point in this review where I am gonna tell our readers what a rip-off this band is? Nope, because "Mondo Medicale” totally kicks ass! "Mondo Medicale” turns out to be a helluva great Carcass album, with the rawness of the first three Carcass releases and the melodic riffwork of "Heartwork”. There are a lot of spicy guitarparts on "Mondo Medicale”, from catchy riffs to awesome guitarsolos. The propelling drums converse in nuclear energy blasting out of my speakers and it is great to hear Jeff Walker-like vocals. This album is a true early 90's Deathgrind revival. It is just that….well, the opener is not as strong as the rest of the material. This song sounds different from the rest, a little too Swedish. I would rather listen to killertracks such as "We Belong Dead”, "Operating Theatre” or "Raise the Stakes” which simply RULE! A deal with Century Media in Europe and Necropolis in the US, gives these guys a bright future to look forward to. Hopefully we will see Impaled crush European stages soon, "can't wait to experience Impaled live.” Unfortunately this album comes in a censored version on the European market. They can censor the cover, but they cannot censor the musick! If u are into Carcass (or Impaled) you need to check this release out!

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