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Mad Max - Night Of White Rock

Mad Max - Night Of White Rock

Label : AOR Heaven | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Believe it or not, but Mad Max was in my humble opinion one of the best German bands around in the eighties. My first acquaintance with this band was their second release 'Rollin' Thunder (with the awesome 'Thoughts Of A Dying Man'), which proved to be a great straight-in-your-face hard rock album. Both follow-up records, being 'Stormchild' (from 1985) and (especially) 'Night Of Passion' (from 1987) showed a small change of direction, because on these Mad Max chose for a more melodic approach, which resulted in two great records as well. Unfortunately singer and main songwriter Michael Voss decided to leave the band in 1989 to go on tour with Bonfire, which resulted in the temporary demise of Mad Max. After the Bonfire tour Michael started the melodic hard rock band Casanova, with whom he recorded five albums to date: the debut 'Casanova' (1991), 'One Night Stand' (1992), 'Sway' (Japan-only, 1999), 'Heroes' (2000) and 'All Beauty Must Die' (2004). Furthermore he got involved in a band called Silver, together with ex-M.S.G. vocalist Gary Barden, with whom he also released five albums. Despite of the fact that both Casanova as well as Silver have put out some nice albums, the high quality level of Mad Max was never equaled.

Wasn't there anything happening anymore on the Mad Max front? Yes, there was, because in the year 2000 a new record called 'Never Say Never' hit the record stores. This album however showed to be more of a Michael Voss solo effort than a real Mad Max record. Finally, in the summer of 2005 the original 'Stormchild' line-up (which besides Michael consisted of Juergen Breforth (guitar), Roland Bergmann (bass) and Axel Kruse)) came together again to record the eleven tracks, written by Michael Voss, and the end result will see the light of day early January as 'Night Of White Rock' on AOR Heaven. Two things attract attention with this record: first of all the music fits seamlessly to the 1987 release 'Night Of Passion', meaning that Mad Max still produces high-quality melodic hard rock with great guitars and fine vocals. Secondly there has been a major change of direction lyricwise, because what the title already suggests (white rock, get it?) is actually becoming reality, meaning that christian lyrics are introduced in almost all songs. A remarkable step and certainly one of the important topics I will discuss with Michael Voss during the upcoming interview. For now let the music do the talking and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. A combination of up-tempo rockers (opening track 'To Hell And Back Again' and the great 'Upon My Soul') and some more melodic catchy mid-tempo songs (among others 'Losin' It', 'Hope To See You' and 'Homeless') make sure that you will really enjoy this records. From the eleven songs on offer here only two of them prove to be somewhat disappointing, being the very mellow ballad 'Unbelievable' (alike 'First Love' from Stryper) and the very simple 'Raise Your Voice' (in which the title of the song is repeated a few time too often!). The production however (by Michael Voss himself), which is very important with these kind of releases, proves to be very good again.

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