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Curtiss - Simplicity

Curtiss - Simplicity

Label : Custom Core | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Jordy : How ironic: while the average Frenchman is too lame / patriotic / selfish / stupid (mark whatever you think is the best option) to even speak one simple word in English (we've all probably been on a holiday to France once and all have been surprised by the fast French language and their lack of English knowledge) there seems to be at least one French guy that speaks English decently: Alexandre Menicucci, the singer of Curtiss. On the record 'Simplicity' he sings every word in English, without that irritating French accent! Très bon!

On that point Curtiss already surprises us, but musically 'Simplicity' might also be considered as a record that's worth mentioning. The album title represents the way these guys play their music, because the band often chooses the easy way, which results in simplistic, though energetic, rock with a healthy influence from pop music. The sound makes me think of the early Cave-In, or Radiohead in the time they weren't experimental madmen. Curtiss shows that the art of playing as simple as possible can lead to a great record!

'Simplicity' of Curtiss shows that some awesome rock with a poppy attitude cán sound awesome. Besides that they use some progressive elements every once in a while, which makes the record varying and fresh enough to keep it alive and kicking. This record needs to be listened to a few times, but when that's done it shows to be amazing!

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