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Tankard - Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live

Tankard - Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live

Label : AFM Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Tormentor Erich : Last summer the German thrashers from Tankard celebrated their twenty-third anniversary with a gig in the Batschkapp, a venue in their hometown of Frankfurt. They recorded the show with a couple of cameras and now they release it as their first DVD. And must we be pleased with this? YES! Get this DVD, call your friends to come over, buy a ridiculous amount of beer and have fun. Drink, sing, scream, laugh, bang your head, pogo and admire, because once you catch the drift from the telly there will be no way back. You will undergo an evening with Tankard all the way, until 'The Morning After'.

Okay, I might overreact a bit here, but it is a fact that I had a very good time while watching this concert. Because of all the big pints that you see you'll get thirsty immediately. The temperature in the venue is high, the band and the audience are one big group of sweating people and they all have a good time. There is enough action on stage and in front of it. The band is playing enthusiastically and the fans participate well. Singer Gerre shows his usual gimmicks. He pulls his shirt over his head and he uses his belly and microphone as a bass drum. He has got some strange questions for his fans and he kisses them on the mouth. He strangles some poor people and then he let's them sing, or he makes a stage dive or he kicks some beer into the crowd. Besides this he knows how to talk to the people and so he makes sure that there is no dull moment. The band plays solidly and they go deep. Tankard played twenty-four tracks that night. Of course, classics like 'Beermuda', 'Alien', 'Chemical Invasion' and 'Empty Tankard' are in it. But also the football songs 'We're Coming Back' and 'Freibier' and some new hits like 'Rectifier', 'Die With A Beer In Your Hand' or 'Behind The Pubyard'.
Actually, there is only one little point of criticism here: during the guitar solos there is no second guitar, and this deflates the sound a bit. But it doesn't spoil the fun.

The DVD is filled with a lot of extras as well. Disc 1 contains besides the concert also four video clips: 'The Morning After' from 1988, 'Space Beer' from 1990, 'Minds On the Moon' from 1995 and the cover act Tankwart with 'Tanze Samba Mit Mir' from 1996. Okay, these clips are not the best you ever saw, but they are cult and great fun for the older thrashers amongst us. Next stop is the photo gallery. This is something that I don't need on a DVD, but it looks good, and we have also an interview with the band members on this disc 1. While sitting on a cosy couch, outside in the sun and (of course) with a beer in their hands the band tell stories about the past (bass player Frank says about their first gig at school when they were fourteen years old: "we bought some packages of milk. We poured out the milk and put beer in it instead, and so the teachers didn't notice it.”) and they tell about the present (drummer Olaf explains: "on our latest tour we once had to travel for many hours. So I drunk eighteen cans of 0,5 CL beer, and I still played a pretty good show. But can you name this an achievement?”). And yes, there might be also a little minor point here also. This interview is entirely in Frankfurter German, and there are no subtitles. It doesn't bother me, but I can imagine that not everybody will be happy with this.

On disc 2 the Tankard madness continues. This disc is filled with outtakes. They show the band the way you want it (crazy on stage with some fans, teaching Asians how to speak German or letting Italian fans from Milan sing some anti Juve songs etc, etc.) and it shows a side of Tankard you actually didn't want to see (the guys in pyjamas or underwear, really pissed and sniffing tobacco). But ey, isn't this what it's all about? Being together in a band, on the road and on stage, making fun and playing some decent thrash metal? And in the meantime trying to score some freibier? Yep. And the dudes from Tankard still know how to do the tricks. What a band, what a DVD. (Playing time 298 minutes)

Tracklist concert:

'Need Money For Beer'
'The Morning After'
'Zombie Attack'
'Slipping From Reality'
'Minds On The Moon'
'New Liver Please!'
'Maniac Forces'
'Queen Of Hearts'
'Die With A Beer In Your Hand'
'Nation Over Nation'
'Dancing On Our Graves'
'Don't Panic'
'Space Beer'
'Beyond The Pubyard'
'We're Coming Back'
'Chemical Invasion'
'Empty Tankard'

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