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Battleroar - Age Of Chaos

Battleroar - Age Of Chaos

Label : Eyes Of Sound | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Tormentor Erich : The South European label Black Lotus presents with 'Age Of Chaos' the second album by this Greek band. And it seems that Black Lotus has a lot of faith in it, because their selling points promise a lot of good things. I will name a few:
- Battleroar is a legend in the epic metal scene, especially in Germany, Greece and Italy.
- The one and only Mark Shelton from the also legendary Manila Road participates on this album.
- Mark Cross (ex-Helloween, ex-Metalium) participates as drum producer and he makes a special drumming appearance in a song.
- Battleroar got some excellent reviews last year about their gigs at the German Keep It true and Headbangers Open Air festivals.

"Hmm, okay, we will see” is what I always think when I'm reading selling points like these. "First I want to hear it, and then I might believe it”, that's my motto. And so I started to listen to the album without any prejudice. And what is my conclusion then? Well, let me say it like this: to me 'Age Of Chaos' by Battleroar turns out to be an album that can flow along in the big stream of every month's releases that are not bad, but that aren't good either. The album has got some parts that are fine, but it also shows some weak spots and therefore I want to classify it as an average album.

The album starts with an acoustic track, and this is a surprise. The second song 'Vampire Killer' is electric and it sounds good, it pushes up my battle feelings. But then there is 'Siegescraft' and this one takes the battle feeling away, what a weak chorus. This up and down feeling stays during the entire album. 'Deep Buried Faith' has got a good riff, but the riff is repeated too often. 'Calm Before The Storm' is a track with a slow part in the middle that is too long, and I could go on and on like this, but that I will not do. I will stop now and I hope that my review has been clear.

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