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Ordo Draconis - Camera Obscura Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Ordo Draconis - Camera Obscura Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Label : Opus Magnum Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Carl : Ordo Draconis is a Dutch metal band. They say they play post-black metal, which is a very interesting genre. Check Wikipedia for a decent explanation. The music of Ordo Draconis is very complex, experimental and downright futuristic. Post-black metal is a fascinating new genre; its base is black, but that must be the only thing it has in common with this predominantly conservative and narrow-minded subgenre.

band image'Camera Obscura' is a musical adventure into the theatrical world. It consists of two discs named 'The Star Chamber Reviews' and 'A View With A Room'. One gets the feeling that all kinds of subtle hints and references are made, but it is usually very difficult to put a finger on it. This conceptual album is based on the epic play 'Lucifer' by the Dutch playwright Vondel. It so happened that a couple of years ago I have visited a performance of this play. Good actors, but too much dialogue. The subject is obvious and a favorite one for a lot more writers: the downfall of Lucifer.

band imageThe music on these CD's sounds very sophisticated. The band is not afraid and quite capable of playing jazz and they do not shun from classical influences. All this results in a wild variety of metal, from experimental black to pompous melodic. Frolicking intros, majestic intermezzos, glorifying outros and in between scalding metal. And it is not just the "other stuff" that makes them special, their metal is what makes them special too! Waltzes, polkas, tangos... nothing is too extravagant for this band. The more I listen to these two CDs, the more I discover in the intricate tapestry of music. Musical influences must range from Emperor to Frank Zappa, from Glenn Miller to Richard Wagner. It is just an amazing musical experience and I cannot come close to describing it. It is quite a surprise to hear all my musical favorites back in one band. I am ragingly enthusiastic about this band and have to control myself to make sure they get the score they deserve.

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