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Dyslesia - Who Dares Wins

Dyslesia - Who Dares Wins

Label : Rock Inc. | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Ferdi : This album was a bit of a disappointment. I was really excited about it when I read a review of Dyslesia's Who Dares Wins. So when our editor Horst asked me if I wanted to review this CD I instantly responded with a yes that was so loud, that the neighbours went checking if something exploded in the vicinity of their house. In the review that I mentioned the band was criticised for a lack of originality, even tough the reviewer had to admit that the music is pretty good. And usually when a reviewer complains about a lack of originality it means that I'm gonna like it lots. Hence my disappointment when I finally heard the music. I wasn't necessarily let down by any lack of originality (frankly I don't give a damn about originality), but more by the sloppy production, the crispy guitars, the rushed mix and the awful vocals. The music itself is pretty good, as long as you don't mind the awfully sounding guitars that are mixed in way to loud. If you're totally crazy about powermetal and are willing to put up with a lousy production than this CD is meant for you. But if you prefer a decent sounding CD then I suggest that you forget about this band immediately and take your money somewhere else. There's one song on this CD, Unknown Fighter, that was written by Luca Turilli, so Rhapsody-maniacs would probably want to give this CD a chance.

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