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Swallow The Sun - Ghosts Of Loss

Swallow The Sun - Ghosts Of Loss

Label : Firebox Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : There is still hope for all the bands which dedicate themselves to the blackened doom metal genre! Set your sights to Finland, I suggest. For there, Swallow The Sun entered the official singles top 20 at number four with 'Forgive Her…' and it stayed on the charts for six weeks. In April this nine (!) minutes length epic was burnt on a small disc as a forerunner of this new album and look… what a result.

Of course, Swallow The Sun is not a usual, common band. In 2003 this Finnish doom collective was chosen as 'newcomer of the year' in the respected Inferno Magazine and 'The Morning Never Came', their debut full length album, was even released in America (by Century Media/Olympic Records). When I read my review for this album again, I notice that its contents are applicable to 'Ghosts Of Loss' too. They are still present, the echoing doom riffs akin to My Dying Bride. Peaceful, contemplative fragments pass into furious death grunts. Suspense rises by enigmatic percussion. Lingering riffs are embellished with melodic guitar trappings. In comparison with the previous album, keyboards have a more supporting function than appearing in the front. Songs are of a serious length once more, but full of different moods. Sounds that carefully explore the habitat flow into desperate, but passionate outbursts where heavy grunts accompany the wallowing instrumentation. It feels like flying over picturesque, but fathomless landscapes in a cocoon of balmy thoughts. 'Ghosts Of Loss' is an album that lifts you up high above your own melancholic moods by its traumatic downheartedness. A killer album for every doom adept!

Finally a bit of practical information: try to take possession of the limited edition with bonus DVD! The band plans a European tour from the first of January till ninth of February, they will also do some shows in the Netherlands. See you there!

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