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Brant Bjork And The Bros - Saved By Magic

Brant Bjork And The Bros - Saved By Magic

Label : Duna Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Evil Dr. Smith : While the whole world is watching Queens Of The Stone Age's every single breath, hordes of surfstoners breaking the waves with the new record from Fu Manchu and the nostalgic yell for a Kyuss reunion is getting stronger every year, the backbone of all these bands is playing the coolest motherfucker of the desert since the dawn of this third millennium. On last year's 'Local Angel' Brant was already the ultimate relaxing dude, and on this record he's acting just a tiny little tougher and rougher, without losing the omnipresent air of lazy heaviness. It's already his fifth solo album in five years and for the first time we can actually call it a band effort. In the past he hired one Mathias Scheenberger for some keyparts under the moniker 'Brant Bjork & The Operators', but with a recruited guitarist, bassist and drummer we may call 'Brant Bjork And The Bros' actually a real band (for the last of the Mohicans that may confess the acknowledgement of the late Stock, Aitken & Waterman heydays: nope, this "Bros” has got nothing to do with one of the most embarrassing periods in music's history).

Brant takes his time to ferment his songs into sultry rock songs, somewhere between ZZTop without its boogie, Jimi Hendrix at his most mellowed and Chris Goss at his broadest. We must not wipe out Cream's influence, and we also may find a druggy interpretation of their classic 'Sunshine Of Your Love'. And if you press fast forward after the last song on disc two, you hear also a hardly recognisable, lo-fi deformed version of Stones' '2000 Man'. Skip those superfluous fringes, studio effects and all kinds of decibel placebo's: this is groovin' on the barest bone. One simple riff, one single chord, and dig this deep until there starts a flow that's too enslaving to get rid off. This is almost ninety minutes of joint-approved lounge-rock, but also without a smoke of other stimulating vegetables and special herbs you gonna be 'Saved By Magic'.

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