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Devil Lee Rot - At Hell’s Deep

Devil Lee Rot - At Hell’s Deep

Label : Iron Fist Productions | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Barely a few months after the release of their 'Metalizer' album, Devil Lee Rot returns with 'At Hell's Deep'. I will not bore you to death with the bands biography, because you can read that part in the 'Metalizer' review. Since that album, the band switched to Iron Fist Productions and a new bass player (Lenny Blade) joined the band at the same time as guitarist J. Voltage left. Devil Lee Rot once more was able to give birth to a far-fetched old school thrash album. But what did you expect from a band that comes up with songtitels like: 'The Battle At Hell's Deep', 'Man Made Of Steel', 'Prepare For War', 'Danger In The Dark', 'Heaven Will Pay', 'Blade In The Night', 'Future Invaders', 'Devil Lust', 'Metal Avengers' and 'Fistful Of Fury'? These titles entirely go with this blend of speed metal. Strap on your studs, chains and belts, wear your denim and leather, swallow copious numbers of pints, play your air guitar, worship Satan and bang your fucking heads!

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