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Virulent - Prime Of Naught

Virulent - Prime Of Naught

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Evil Dr. Smith : Unholy shite! For a moment I thought I was listening to the follow-up of the insane schizoid-metal 'A Conflict Scenarion', but fifteen diabolical death metal minutes later I acknowledged I wasn't listening to the metal-craziness of Virulence, but to the raging death metal blasts come from Virulent, the morbid angels from the Nile of Utrecht; de death metal Hezbollahs from the Vecht, the urban Apocalypse for the sensitive auditives. In recent history some of my LoM-colleagues were ass-licking this band in euphoric epistles about 'Under The Hex Of Amdusias' en 'Azoth', and after this little quadruple death metal attack I want some ass to lick as well. Virulence is beating the puss out of your ears with brutally skilled death metal.

After a lengthy break, the band lost its singer and bassist, the band is now fully armed and dangerous again, thanks to incorporating only one man: vocalist-bassist Daniƫl Nak. The rotten cancer bumps on his larynx spread a filthy stench on the complex, high-speed death metal, wherein every hole, every nanosecond is filled with tough double bass textures (not hyperspeed, though tight and

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