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Witchcraft - Firewood

Witchcraft - Firewood

Label : Rise Above Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : If you know the music of the seventies well, you will not be amused by this CD. Witchraft chews up and spits out all the early stuff of bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Who and Pentagram. Even the vocals are so much alike in tune with an Ozzy or a Bob Liebling, that it becomes very spooky. Just so you can say "that dude is right!”, listen to the first one of Sabbath or 'Relentless' from Pentagram right after you listened to this CD. Rise Above Records confirms my worst nightmare that they are leaving the doom path and even the stoner way for hippie injected music. 'Firewood' is a bit boring except for the moments of well sung melody lines or interesting breaks. Top notch is 'Mr. Haze', which has a bit of an Opeth feel to it. Remains the question if I would advise this CD to someone. Well, if you are into pre 1980 stuff, you will not discover anything new here. And if you are a newbee, I'd say check out the originals first.

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