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Resistance - Lies In Black

Resistance - Lies In Black

Label : Lion Music | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Tormentor Erich : "Resistance steam roll their metal machine forward and deliver the very best of pure American metal”.
Well, it is written like this in the bio of Resistance. And knowing biographies from the past I tend to get a bit sceptical when I read something like that. So I pressed play on my CD player with some doubts in my head, but they disappeared very quickly. These five guys from the Anaheim area know how to play metal!

But what the hell is American metal then? I don't know either. Many people will name this music firm heavy metal. Many others might call it power metal and I would point it out as heavy metal with some thrash influences. This kind of metal needs to be played in a strong way and this is no problem for Resistance. The band plays tight for the whole 28 minutes. The mix is raw and the guitars are in front of it, so they give a real metal effect to the sound of the album. Because of this vocalist Robby Hett needs to go deep to be convincing, but he does this without a problem. His somewhat dark voice fits the music well. All the songs are built on many riffs, a lot of breaks and enough solos. Resistance managed to write some songs that show a distinctive style, which is a big extra. Tracks like 'Wasted Time' and 'The Darkness Inside Me' are build up well, they have a quiet middle part and more power in the end. In 'Bridge To Nowhere' and '… Till Dust Return' the band puts in some more speed and if I still have to mention names I would like to point out 'Lies In Black' because of the Machine Head like intro and the Anthrax with John Bush style of this songs.

It is also nice to hear these small intro's added to a couple of songs. This shows that the band worked seriously to achieve a result like this. But okay, you do not need those intro's to understand that.

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