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Audrey Horne - No Hay Banda

Audrey Horne - No Hay Banda

Label : Tuba Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Evil Dr. Smith : Audrey Horne was that tasteful, black-haired sex bomb from Twin Peaks (played by actress Sherilyn Fenn). She must have left these Norwegian boys behind in a state of adolescent wet dreams and Lynch-like confused minds, because due to hypersensitive hormonal sentiments she got promoted to a band name more than a decade later. The link with David Lynch doesn't stand on its own, because the album title 'No Hay Banda' originates from the movie 'Mullholland Drive'. And I wouldn't be surprised if the white lilies on the album cover - which recalls the gloomy atmosphere of Nick Cave's 'Where The Wild er… Lilies Grow' - has something to do with this surrealistic director as well. Do we have here a band that likes to be mysterious and misunderstood? The only appropriate answer is a big NO! No hoity-toity, arty farty and bizarre scenes on this one. This Audrey is as accessible and survey-able as the big empty in Jessica Simpson's Eraserhead and has got nothing to do with that strange, original Audrey. There are a few similarities however, and that is that both Audrey's are exceptionally tasteful and exciting.

In openings track 'Dead' it seems that Mike Patton finally wanted to write a catchy, radio friendly tune again, but this reference won't stand longer for than thirty seconds. Audrey Horne stands for powerful, alternative (hard) rock with an accessible, but original signature. She distinguishes herself with catchy hooks and enslaving melodies that are above average and got some help by one hell of a singer. The clever arrangements are both powerful as melodic as varying. Every time I think it reminds me of something or someone, but due to lack of proper evidence I can't make this hard. It must have something to do with Horne's excusable amount of energy and wit to borrow right and left with a creative mind. The flair and melody lines may remind sometimes to Alter Bridge (post-Creed), but that won't do justice to Audrey Horne, let alone it's meant as a compliment. The band is a little heavier and darker, nevertheless not less accessible for the same amount of people that once went crazy for Alter Bridge's predecessor. So now and then you can hear some more sinister influences in Horne's forceful music that vaguely can be referred to Tool (haunting guitar plucks in 'Deathhorse' and hypnotising atmosphere in closing track 'The Sweet Taste Of Revenge'), Alice In Chains (some occasional vocal lines in 'Confessions & Alcohol') or Led Zeppelin (the few oriental sounds in the thrilling 'Weightless'), but above all Audrey Horne is standing on her own well-shaped, but muscled legs and screams herself, via the lungs of vocalist Toschie, to the higher regions of the melodic alt.rock.

Yes, it smells here like someone will be on the front cover of many rock magazines and metalzines very soon. This stinks like commercial with a bite and like accessibility with a vision. Finally another inspired and original sounding band with hit potential. So it's just a matter of time we may expect their parade of video clips and world tours (has Audioslave already decide what support act they want?). Little footnote: belongs to some Sherilyn Fenn look-a-like lap dancer, so make sure you copy/paste the word 'music' behind Audrey Horne's name …or not, of course.

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