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Alice Cooper - DragonTown

Alice Cooper - DragonTown

Label : Spitfire Records | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Tim V. : At last a new CD of Uncle Alice has seen the light of day, or the darkness of night for that matter. Now I'm kind of an Alice Cooper fan, but it always happens to me that I find out about a new album the moment I run in to one at our local record shop. Of course this means an instant purchase, and a very fast drive home to take a good listen. Well, what can I say about 'DragonTown'? With its predecessor 'Brutal Planet' the old man rather surprised me, for it was damn heavy what he did. Now with the new album it's still Alice as Alice should be, plain good Hard Rock 'n Metal, but I have to be honest, it doesn't have the impact as 'Brutal Planet' had, in spite of all the AC trademarks, including the ballad 'Every Woman Has A Name'. Most of the songs are quite ok, except for the track 'Disgraceland', a boring tune. It's time Alice hits the European mainland again, so we can enjoy one of his interesting shows once again.

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